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If I went through a turbulent break-up, I think I'd want there to pick up the pieces. Firstly, because he's extremely experienced in women, and secondly, because I can tell him just how awesome he was in The Departed. I really like that movie.

Anyway, it seems Leo has given some sage advice after this messy split with .

According to those ever mysterious inside sources, Pattinson has been moping around LA and basically feeling sorry for himself. They said:

Rob's been mooching around LA and staying on friends’ couches. Leo rang him and told him to have a shave, put on some nice clothes and rent a house near him in Miami for the summer. He told Rob he’s too young to settle down and ought to sow his wild oats. Rob’s the sort of guy who has long-term girlfriends and doesn't play the field. But Leo's right — he's miserable in LA, where there are too many memories of Kristen and mutual friends they have in common. He's going to go down to Miami, put on a smile and see what happens. Leo's in Europe right now but he's heading back to the States later this week. He's determined to fix Rob up with one of the models he has in his phone book.

Well, that's certainly better than the advice my best friend usually gives me after I break up with someone. That just involves copious amounts of booze and a local park bench.

What do you think? Is this good advice for Rob, or should be try to mend things with Kristen? Give me your answer below.


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