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Like a passing storm or a scene in Dorne, another season of Game of Thrones has come and gone. The hit HBO fantasy series has been shocking viewers with its epic action and unexpected deaths for six seasons now, and as its sixth season came to an end, GoT reminded us exactly why we keep watching it!

The Season 6 finale was absolutely intense, filled to the brim with enough action, suspense, and shocks to make even book readers go "I wasn't expecting that"! Alas, we'll have to wait another year or so before we can once again venture through the Planetos, and the show just had to end on a cliffhanger to make the wait even more excruciatingly painful.

But even though Season 6 is over, that hasn't stopped fans from constantly talking online about the shocking finale. One such fan is Leslie Jones, an actress and future Ghostbuster who happens to be a huge fan of Game of Thrones! Leslie takes to Twitter every week to live-tweet the episode of Game of Thrones, and this week was no different. Check out some of Leslie's best tweets about the finale, "The Winds of Winter", below!

[WARNING; Most of these tweets use a lot of profanity, so read on at your own risk!]


In hindsight, Maester Pycelle really should have known something was up the minute that kid whispered to him that the King was waiting to meet him in Qyburn's creepy laboratory...


I mean, I know that Lance couldn't hear the foreboding and ominous track that the audience was listening to, but it should have been automatically playing in his head when he decided to follow a creepy little kid into a dark and secluded area!


Well it wouldn't be the first large and important building to catch on fire in Westeros...


Fun Fact: Ectoplasm, while gross, is 100% less likely to burn hundreds of people alive than say...a ton of wildfire! The More You Know!


Fans are still in denial over Margaery's shocking demise in the wildfire incident. Maybe she survived somehow? Although, judging from the scene in question, there's no way she survived that blast (jump to 1:10 for a recap)...

But if Jon Snow can come back, why not Margaery Tyrell? Either way, hell hath no fury like a Lady Olenna scorned. Cersei had better watch out!


He may not have fingers, but he's got an intermediate reading skill level and he's not afraid to use it!


Sure, tons of Northern men died protecting Jon Snow when Sansa could have enlisted Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vale from the very beginning. But then we wouldn't get to see the Knights of the Vale do their best impression of Lord of the Rings, and they'd been practicing!


Poor, poor Daario. Though, to be fair, it's probably best that he and Dany split when they did. Daenerys' track record with lovers isn't very good. It always ends with a literal life-threatening scar. Does anyone have eyes on Yara?


That's Yara's line.


Look, I get that Benjen can't go close to the Wall because of some dark magic, but that's still not an excuse to leave a twenty-pound girl with a handicapped boy in the middle of an icy forest WHILE WHITE WALKERS ARE AROUND BENJEN! COME ON MAN!

You can check out more of Leslie's Game of Thrones live-tweets here! I still can't believe that this season is over. So much has happened, so many shocks and reveals, and unexpected character deaths! Until next year my fellow Throners, and remember, "The night is dark and full of terrors"!

Thanks For Reading! What Was Your Favorite Part Of The Season Six Finale?


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