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It is widely known that mega pop superstar Justin Bieber rose to fame by posting videos on the popular video platform, YouTube. Although we see filmmakers, beauty gurus and comedians gain major success, is still dominated by upcoming singers. Thousands of people get their big break by sharing their talents with the world through the site, and record labels and management companies are always searching for the next big thing. So, who is next? Here are five singers I found on YouTube that deserve more attention.

5. Matthew Crowley

Source: YouTube @MattyQueenBee
Source: YouTube @MattyQueenBee

Channel: Matty Queen Bee

Subscribers: 7K

I first came across Crowley's voice when I watched his cover of Lorde's new hit single "Liability." Based in the UK, Matty began sharing his insanely unique voice with Vine. With only six seconds, he managed to pull in a dedicated fan base that grew even more when he made the switch to YouTube. He sings with lots of passion, soul and emotion.

Matty is also out and proud and even has an insanely cute video of him serenading his boyfriend (soon to be fiancé) with the classic, "Can't Help Falling In Love With You." He is unapologetically himself and teaches his viewers that they can be themselves too. Hopefully, he blows up and becomes the star he dreams of being!

4. Sara King

[Credit: YouTube @SaraKing]
[Credit: YouTube @SaraKing]

Channel: Sara King

Subscribers: 36K

Sara King is a singer from Dallas, Texas. King has a beautiful and dreamy voice that is particularly perfect when it comes to covering songs by Lana Del Rey. She also uploads vintage aesthetic vlogs, that sum up what she did in a month which are all incredibly beautiful. Her minimalist setup is visually appealing and supports her soft voice. Her subscriber count will definitely change (in a positive way) over the years to come. I wait for the day she announces an EP.

3. Emir Taha

[Credit: Facebook @EmirTahaMusic]
[Credit: Facebook @EmirTahaMusic]

Channel: EMIR

Subscribers: 52K

Emir is a London-based singer, producer and songwriter. Emir takes popular songs such as Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" and re-edits them into an entirely new song, adding his own special flare. His smooth voice, which is reminiscent of Shawn Mendes, paired with his amazing guitar skills make for a great artist. In 2016, he announced via Twitter that he was releasing a mixtape. Hopefully, a full album is in the works.

2. Aleisha Amohia

[Credit: YouTube @AleishaAmohia]
[Credit: YouTube @AleishaAmohia]

Channel: Aleisha Amohia

Subscribers: 169

Although she is sitting at 169 subscribers, the numbers for fellow New Zealander, Aleisha Amohia, will no doubt grow. Aleisha caught my attention with her soulful rendition of Rihanna's "Love On The Brain." At 19 years old, she has the talent and skills to grow into a major star, possibly garnering major attention like Kiwi songstress . You can check out her Instagram for more of her singing!

1. Katy Jackson

[Credit: Facebook @Katysthename]
[Credit: Facebook @Katysthename]

Channel: Katy Jackson

Subscribers: 1K

Katys her name and she needs a record deal and full album stat! Based in the UK, Katy Jackson released her debut EP Imagining in 2014, which features fantastic original songs. With her fairy lights and beautiful set up, I found Katy through her incredible cover of Dodie Clark's "I Knew You Once." Her voice is soft and very calming to the ear, and her sound quality is amazing! At 19 years old and studying music at the University of Surrey, Katy is already a great songwriter and will no doubt go far. So, what are you waiting for? Go and watch her videos now.

What other YouTube artists do you currently support?

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