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In the most random movie news of the day, it's come out that Tupac Shakur auditioned for Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, according to Death Row chief engineer Rick Clifford. He said:

It's sad because 'Pac found out that I worked for Brian Austin Green who was on 90210, then he found out I was in some movies. So we always talked about his film career and stuff. He was telling me that he was suppose to read for [George Lucas]. They wanted him to be a Jedi... Samuel L. got Tupac's part... He called me 'Old Man'. He said, "Old Man keep your fingers crossed, I got three movies coming up. One of them I gotta read for George Lucas."

Anyone who followed the infamous East Coast / West Coast feud of '96 knows that he was tragically killed that September. Shakur also starred with in the 1992 movie Juice.

(via 2PacForumChannel)

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