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Mark Newton

Portal is quite obviously one of the best video games ever created. If anyone says otherwise, immediately sever all personal relations with that person, because they're obviously not worth knowing.

The only problem with Portal is that is has inadvertently spawned one of the most irritating video game memes: "The cake is a lie". However, hopefully that will change. Gaya Entertainment GmbH have released officially licensed Portal merchandise that demonstrably proves the cake is NOT a lie. That's right, it's Portal cake mix.

For the rather exorbitant price of £11.99 ($18.28) you can buy your very own cake mix complete with Aperture Science branded box and special rewarding candle. Personally, given Aperture Laboratories' track record of unethical scientific practices, I'd probably give this cake a miss, but if you feel like experimenting it might be for you. One thing is for sure, I've heard its delicious and moist.

At the moment, the cake only seems to be available on, the UK version of the website. So, if you really want it, expect to pay a hefty postage and packaging price on top. Well, that's unless you can get your hands on a Portal Gun.

What do you think? Is this a charming piece of merchandising, or a cynical money grab based on already dead joke? Let me know below.


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