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Karly Rayner

Ana Braga and Anais Zanotti are hell bent on sending your trouser snake potty! These delicate golden gazelles unfurled their endless limbs and let their angelic ass cheeks run wild and free on the beach recently.

That watery expanse behind them might look like the ocean, but it is actually the saliva of every man in the vicinity creating its very own vast body of fluid. I don't think the poor woman swimming below got the memo...


The two foxy phwoar-gasm charmers might be veterans, but that doesn't stop them putting the young ankle biters to shame with their gravity defying underbutts. Miley would kill to have her chicken fillets transformed into either one of these ladies squat honed haunches.

What do you guys think this juicy double's stash of ass would feel like? I vote beach balls filled with toothpaste! Think about it... It's not as weird as it sounds!

(Source: Hollywood Tuna)


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