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Many Harley Quinn fans are tired of having to defend their idol's choices in skimpy clothing, the Joker as a partner, and her habit of smashing things with a hammer. Their response? , a hashtag to remind people that Harley isn't exactly supposed to be a role model.

But with the New 52 and Rebirth, the DCEU has turned Harley into more of an antihero figure. We see Harley Quinn trying to be the sidekick of Power Girl, building up her own gang of Harleys to defend the streets, and even rescuing other superheroes, as seen in Harley's Little Black Book. In Rebirth, Harley seems to have forgotten she ever was a villain, or had anything to do with one. Harley Quinn isn't a villain anymore. So what makes this hashtag relevant?

At first blush, it looks like the fans are arguing that we should let the fact that Harley Quinn is a villain permit her to do villainous things in fan fictions and comic books, but another take is that harley Quinn should drop the antihero crap and just be the villain she was created to be.

While DC currently has the Maid of Mischief posed as a superhero wannabe, Harley Quinn is flat without her past with the Joker, and she owes her very existence to being a villain. It's a common complaint that Harley Quinn has been Deadpool-ed. Her "reasons" for no longer wanting to be evil are pretty weak. If Harley isn't evil, then she's Harleen. Bye bye insanity, bye bye violence, bye bye everything brought on by the Joker.

Harley Quinn without the Joker and her villainous ways is jut not Harley Quinn. And maybe that's what's lacking in Rebirth. So heck, why not.

Let Harley do what she does best, be a bad guy:

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