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If you haven't heard, there's a pretty significant franchise called Star Wars. It's set in a galaxy far, far, away, and if you haven't seen any of these movies, I'd suggest you stop what you're doing right now, get off all social media, and lock yourself in your bedroom for a 10-plus hour binge session of the best collection. The latest installment in the Star Wars expanded universe, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is releasing soon and all of us here at are super hyped. We're so excited, we want to celebrate with a weeklong event we're calling !

Starting December 12 and running through December 16, each day we'll be introducing a new topic for discussion, of which we're inviting you to join in on the conversation and create a post about. It can be anything from two sentences to a 2000-plus-word editorial; we just want to hear your passionate voice about why you love Star Wars. At the end of each day, we'll be selecting one Creator at random who has participated in writing a post and rewarding them with a Limited Edition Rogue One Fandango gift card so they can go see at the cinema! Did we mention that the gift cards already have $50 loaded onto them? Check out Day 1 now, and make sure all your posts include the hashtag . Click the link below:

Day 1 - Which Star Wars Theory Is Most Plausible?

It's as simple as this: get excited, join the conversation, and let's nerd out about Rogue One together. Keep the hype going in our dedicated Creators Chat Room!

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