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Abi Toll

So it looks like we have Sam Neill to blame for sparking rumors that Jurassic World will be a reboot; however director Colin Trevorrow has now confirmed that this is not the case.

, the actor that plays Dr. Allen Grant in Jurassic Park (I & III), got a bit ahead of himself when explaining that Jurassic World would be a 'a total re-jig of the dino franchise' according to

Many naturally took these comments to mean that the fourth installment would be a reboot of its predecessors.

Well, au contraire, here's what the director had to say about it on Twitter:

So thankfully, Jurassic World can now enter into the 2015 year of the sequels comfortably, where have said that may feature as:

'A rugged ex-military man', and as 'a smart corporate scientist', with young actors and playing her nephews.

With the legend that is producing, the news of Jurassic World will be delighting fans of the ferocious films worldwide. If you'd like to find out more about potential casting and news then head here.



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