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To (badly) paraphrase a line from Disney's Pinocchio: when you wish upon a tweet, your dreams come true. This is the case with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who had a dream to have a classic bedtime story read to him, and it finally came true — with a little help from Twitter. That's right, true believer. The seemingly magical social media site has struck once again by making it rain stardust — or perhaps moon dust, to be more accurate.

"This finally happened," read the satisfied-sounding tweet from famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson: "LeVar Burton read Goodnight Moon to me, in response to my May 17 tweet."

In May of this year, Tyson posted a video with a geeky confession on his Twitter page, saying that he wished that someone would read the bedtime classic Goodnight Moon to him. On October 5, the astrophysicist's Twitter-wish upon a star came true.

Here are some tweets detailing the affection between Levar Burton, Neil deGrasse Tyson and third-wheel Rosario Dawson after the touching reading:

Burton's brief reading of the children's classic written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd was something of a pre-show for a space-themed afternoon organized by the audiobook publisher Audible. It took place just prior to another reading by Dawson at New York Comic Con.

The complete video, which appears below, shows us the darling moment that has quickly become one of the most talked about happenings of Comic Con weekend.

In addition to starring in the role of Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Burton was also the ever-friendly face of the PBS TV show Reading Rainbow. We can't imagine anyone on Earth more suited to read Goodnight Moon to Tyson.

What did you think of this magical moment? Could it have been any cuter?


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