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Have you ever witnessed a feat so brilliant, so inspiring, and so jaw-droppingly unbelievable that you can scarcely tell if reality is playing tricks on you or not? Enter a Rattata that will have you questioning everything you thought possible in the world of Pokémon.

YouTube user and Pokémon strategist isleep2late has done what many would deem impossible—taken on Steven, the Elite Four champion of the Hoenn region (that's the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire games), with nothing more than a Rattata. To top it all off? His Rattata was still at level one.

You might remember that just a short while ago this Twitch user beat Pokémon in its entirety using only a Rattata (seems Rattata is all the rage these days when it comes to taking on self-imposed Pokémon challenges!), but to perform this feat, a decidedly different approach had to be utilized. After all, this level one Rattata couldn't be trained in the traditional way.

It's All in the Moves: Rattategy at Its Best

So how exactly was this Pokémon superstar able to accomplish such a feat? Well, it seems it was all in the moves. No, Rattata wasn't kickin' it on the dance floor, she (because yes, she was female) was carefully bred and enhanced (via TMs and the "Tutor" skill) to have a very specific move set:

  • Quick Attack (as an Egg Move)
  • Endeavor (Tutor)
  • Double Team (TM)
  • Swagger (TM)

Rattata's "Double Team" move raises her evasion—get that sucker high enough, and even the toughest of Poké-pponents will have a hell of a time landing a hit on the low-leveled rat. "Swagger" confuses Rattata's opponents, which if you're lucky should also cause them to attack themselves. The big hits, however, come from "Endeavor," a nifty little move that reduces Rattata's opponents' HP to the same amount as its own. When Rattata only has 1 HP? Just watch that HP bar plummet!

In addition to Rattata's killer move set, she had a few other things to give her a one-up on the unlucky Steven:

  • Held Item: Focus Sash
  • Ability: Guts

The Focus Sash item, in essence, gives Rattata an extra life—"If [a] Pokémon has full HP but is hit by an attack that would knock it out, this item prevents the holder from fainting and keeps it at 1 HP." This is what keeps the little darling from fainting within the first five seconds of the battle. Not too shabby!

A Little Luck Goes a Long Way

Of course, even with the perfect move set, this still required a lot of luck to pull off. After all, even with a frighteningly high evasion stat, there's still a chance one of those nasty hits will land on the HP-deficient rodent. You also have to count on the enemy AI playing nice for a change.

When asked just how he did it, isleep2late described the process in detail:

It took me many, many attempts, but everything you see in this video actually happened. I used a modified F.E.A.R. strategy (Focus Sash, Endeavor, quick Attack Rattata) where instead of using Quick Attack immediately after Endeavor, I Double Team while Steven uses a Full Restore (I've done this enough times to predict what the AI is going to do).

Next turn I Endeavor again on 1 HP and HOPE that Skarmory doesn't use Toxic or Aerial Ace and either uses Spikes or misses with Steel Wing. Afterwards, Rattata levels up to 15. I then proceed to Double Team 5 more times against Aggron, hope that all the attacking moves Steven uses from now on misses, use the remaining PPs for Endeavor, and kill the remaining Claydol, Carbink, Aerodactyl, and Metagross with Swagger. This strategy relied heavily on RNG and dumb luck, but it finally happened.

Watch the Entire Battle in All its Glory

Fortunately, isleep2late recorded the battle for posterity. Watch it below as you try to keep your jaw off the table. Easily the most hilarious part is watching Rattata gain level after level after level—a process that takes nearly as much time as the battle itself!

Now begs the question: What impossible challenge will Pokémon aficionados dream up next? How many hours will it take them to accomplish? And how many Rattatas will rise to power in the process?

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Thinking about attempting this feat yourself? Why not try with a different level one Pokémon? Let us know your craziest Pokémon antics!


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