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Ever hear of the watercolor artist ? Name doesn't ring a bell? How about if I showed you this:

That, for those of you too young to remember the original Jurassic Park film, is the iconic Jell-o scene from the first movie that kicked off pop culture's dinosaur revival and changed the face of CGI-based action movies for virtually forever. No, seriously, it did.

The actress, who is no longer an actress but an Impressionist-style watercolor painter now, recently sat down with Moviefone to discuss what it was like filming with and the possibility of a return in Jurassic World.

Is it crazy to her that she's still being asked to talk about the landmark film 20 years later? On the contrary, she thinks it's great:

You know, I actually can't believe it's already been 20 years. It's amazing. Time really went fast. "Jurassic" is a legacy and a classic. Steven Spielberg created something pretty spectacular. It's actually really interesting, when I look at it, I ask "How has my life changed since being Lex?" And I can literally walk into just about any city in the world and people will know who I am. They've enjoyed the movie and feel like they know me because they had this shared experience of going through "Jurassic" with my character and surviving.

Speaking of Lex's character, Richards is supremely grateful she got to be in such a strong role for a 12-year-old girl... even if it wasn't how her character was originally portrayed in the book:

I don't have a problem watching it. It just brings back neat memories when I see it every so often. It's true, age 12 to 13 is an interesting age to be immortalized in. But it's also kind of fun. It's kind of in between childhood and adulthood. It was neat that Steven gave me an interesting role, where even at that young age it can be kind of awkward for a girl. It was a really powerful role for a girl, where I got to save the day and have all this knowledge about computers... I had read the book and I was aware of that when I saw the script and the changes there, which I was happy to see. I didn't have to play some spoiled little brat sister who was just kind of annoying. It added some meat to my character.

And what was the legendary Spielberg like when they first met?

I went into his office after taking a break from my trip to Disneyland. I was going with my mom and sister. Of course, we put that on hold for a few hours once we got that phone call to go see Steven, and I went to meet him in his office. He put me right at ease. He was really warm and funny and easygoing. Actually, in the meeting itself, he surprised me. He offered me the job right then and there. He said, "Ariana, are you busy this summer?" Of course I knew what to say.

Even though she's retired from acting, would she consider being in the upcoming JP4? It's a possibility:

You know, that is all about seeing a script. I have not seen a script for it yet, so I would need to see one before I actually say anything.

The whole interview is a cute little walk down memory lane and includes a few more tidbits, such as the painting she made of the Jell-o scene, the Jurassic Park ride at Universal, and what it was like to work with the incomparable . Click here to read it in its entirety.

Jurassic Park 4 won't be hitting theaters until June of next year, so [[follow]] to keep on top of the latest developments from the dino-disaster movie.


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