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Some new details from the message board have hit the net about an early screening for Man of Steel, and these give us more specific spoilers than any that have gone before.

Following on from the Superman franchise that couldn't go a single movie without Lex Luthor showing up to terrorize the caped crusader, 's decision to use General Zod and the Phantom Zone criminals as the main villains in Man of Steel was met with a fairly warm reception from most fans.

But everyone knows that Superman's world just isn't the same without Lex. Which is why it's great to hear from a fanboy who supposedly screened the movie, promising that Luthor does in fact exert some influence in Man of Steel. So where is the tyrant these days?

He's never shown but he is referenced in the way Norman Osborn is referenced in ASM. They state in the movie that he is working on a new AI that will "revolutionize technology unlike anything Metropolis has ever seen.

And remember the rumor about Superman battling robots? True.

They slightly resemble the robots from Sucker Punch but look way more realistic and not like cheap CG cartoons like SP. I was sort of let down that they didn't really give him much of a fight and were mainly a "test" from Zod to see if he were truly the son of Jor-El.

Not a massive shock seeing as that's how most people have expected Luthor to be incorporated in to the flick. Still, some kind of speculative confirmation is awesome, and the AI experiments are pretty provocative. Certainly the obvious choice, especially because of their long and often complicated relationship, Luthor's experiments seem like the kind of thing that could be key to introducing and combating Brainiac in the next movie.

The reveals sound exactly how I'd envision this new take on Lex would be - smart, modern, out to help the city but secretly trying to create havoc. I'd personally like to see Luthor become President. It'd create a great new dynamic to explore in the movies. How exactly is Superman supposed to fight the US President and still look like a patriot? It'd certainly shake up his relationship with the public, as he'd be a villain in many of their eyes for fighting against the man they elected to power.

So what do you all think? Lex Luthor developing AI that could possibly lead to him and Brainiac being set up for the sequel... intriguing? Post your thoughts in the usual place!



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