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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Just as Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, Prince William and Kate Middleton and even Miley’s own parents Billy Ray and Trish Cyrus have proven, the strongest relationships are those that have survived a breakup. Having gone through their own personal relationship meltdown back in 2013, it would seem that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are back on track and are now happier than ever — praise be to the great celebrity cupid in the sky.

Taking to his Instagram page to engage in that most sacred of traditions, , Liam posted a photo of him and Miley on the set of their 2010 film The Last Song which, incidentally, is where they first met and helplessly fell for each other:

I mean, just look at the way he watches Miley whilst she plays the piano. That’s not acting, that’s genuine heart-racing, palm-sweating adoration.

Having been notoriously private since they rekindled their romance, this public display of affection is all the more poignant, especially seeing as things have not always been easy for the couple.

Since falling in love six years ago and getting engaged shortly after, the couple broke up in 2013 to the horror of team Liley (or should that be team Milam?) fans the world over. Miley then released her song 'Drive' on her album Bangerz which included the following lyrics:

Consequently, things did not look good for chances of a reconciliation.

However, fast forward to January of this year when the internet went into a wild frenzy over a photo Miley posted of her wearing an intense polkadot blazer/hat combo and the engagement ring that Liam brought her back in 2013, leading the world to believe that they were 'back on.'

Since then the couple have been demonstrating their love for each other with increasing frequency. However, things really kicked off when Miley showed off a new tattoo, a jar of vegemite on her left arm in honor of Liam’s Australian heritage and one of his favorite spreadable food stuffs, because nothing says commitment quite like a dark brown food paste:

Miley then quickly followed this up with a photo of her man wearing one of her branded ‘Happy Hippie Foundation’ T-shirts and their dog reclining on a sofa saying ‘So much love in one picture,’ closely followed with a link to her online shop. True romance.

In that very same week, Liam posted a photo of his two greatest loves, his pet pig and Miley who’s hanging out in an all red ensemble in the back of the sty.

Making sure that we got a full 360 degree image of their adorable porky pet, Miley posted a photo of herself and their pigs rump letting us know that their snouted child also has an ethical conscience, having chosen to be a vegan.

Amongst the , engagement ring speculation and shared pig appreciation, we just hope that their relationship has the strength to cope with Liam’s new ‘friend with benefits.’

Were Miley and Liam meant to be?


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