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What happens in the movies of the Taken franchise? Well, the clue is kind of in the name right? Someone gets taken, then Liam Neeson goes and makes them un-taken.

It's a story which has served him well over the duration of two movies, but it seems the threequel, Taken 3, will change up the formula a bit. In a recent chat with UK talk show host Jonathon Ross (via Bleeding Cool), Neeson explained he only agreed to Taken 3 if the story was changed. He said:

They called me up and I said, 'I’ll do it… but only as long as nobody gets taken.'

Personally, I'm all for this development. Sure, it kind of throws off the name, but sometimes it's good to cut the apron strings and try something new. It was a similar situation for The Hangover Trilogy. OK, so the first movie was fine, but even by the second one people were complaining they were simply rehashing the same premise, and what's more, it seemed even more unlikely and ridiculous in the sequels. I can certainly see the same thing occurring in Taken 3, and for that reason I'm glad made this creative demand.

But, if you do want more Taken, don't forget Neeson will be returning in the extremely similar sounding action-thriller, Non-Stop. Described as 'Taken on a a Plane', it sees Neeson as another gruff-voiced Irish ass-kicker who has to track down a mysterious passenger who is threatening an airplane.

What do you think? Do you agree with this development or were you looking forward to someone else getting taken? Let us know below.


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