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has a particular set of skills, skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that mean he's now going to get $20 million to reprise his role as karate-chopping, retired CIA Agent Bryan Mills in Taken 3.

Deadline is reporting that Neeson is closing in on a deal to punch his way around Europe for a third installment of the mega-successful action-movie franchise and that a script by and is at an advanced stage.

The first Taken movie was an excellent balls-to-the-wall action romp and grossed a mightily impressive $226 million from a budget of $25 million, while the sequel hauled in a staggering a $376 million, despite being all kinds of awful. I felt Taken 2 was a by-the-numbers rehash of the first movie and lacked any of the charm and originality of its predecessor. I like to call this the Hangover Effect, whereby a movie simply repeats the beats of its predecessor in the hope of repeating/cashing in on what made it such a success. I'd like to see Taken 3 lose the daughter-in-distress scenario and deliver a movie that adds more layers and a degree of freshness to Neeson's character.

What we'll probably get though will be Neeson rescuing his daughter/wife and punching lots of goons in the face while Europe burns. Taken 3 will then make a ton of money and it will prove that I know nothing about movie marketing.

Besson and his EuropaCorp production company is looking to fast track Taken 3 and start production in February and they are currently in the process of making deals with , who played his daughter, and , who played the wife.

What do you think? Is Neeson still kick-ass enough to handle Taken 3? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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