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's Non-Stop release date has been confirmed. The thriller -- which follows Neeson as U.S. Air Marshal Bill Marks under questionable circumstances at 40,000 feet -- will be released on February 21, 2014. The film reunited Neeson with Unknown director .

Here's the Non-Stop plot synopsis:

Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) is a burned-out veteran of the Air Marshals service. He views the assignment not as a life-saving duty, but as a desk job in the sky. However, today’s flight will be no routine trip. Shortly into the transatlantic journey from New York to London, he receives a series of mysterious text messages ordering him to have the government transfer $150 million into a secret account, or a passenger will die very 20 minutes. What follows is a nail-biting cat and mouse game played at 40,000 feet, with the lives of 200 passengers hanging in the balance. NON-STOP isn’t just an action film, but a 500mph rush of adrenaline, suspense and excitement.


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