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Getting the lead role in a television show as an A-lister can work in your favor. Ask . Before the 2001, the actor’s career was stalling like a 1970s Volvo on its last leg.

24 brought Sutherland substantial amounts of money ($40 million for three seasons ain't so bad...), and how could it not; when a show becomes a gigantic hit, the star of said show becomes a necessary asset to maintain that success. What are the producers going to do, kill Jack Bauer?

Now, the career of isn’t stalling. Schreiber is a character actor in high-demand, always being one of the best things in the films he stars in. Just behold his turn as legendary hockey goon Ross Rhea in the appropriately titled dark comedy, Goon. Schreiber sports one hell of a mustache and Canadian accent, remaining sympathetic while dishing out prodigious violence on the ice. He even was fantastic as ’s morally flexible brother in the crappy X-Origins: Wolverine, or as a flamboyant transvestite in 's mediocre Taking Woodstock.

But the sad thing is, like the equally underrated , Schreiber has the looks and the charisma of a leading man and it’s a bit of a shame that Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with them.

Showtime's Ray Donovan just might change that. The show finds the actor playing the titular Hollywood fixer who takes care of those fickle things that may happen to his rich and famous clients during a wild night out. You know corpses in the bed, stuff like that.

While time will tell if Ray Donovan will be a big hit or even make it beyond Season 1, our money is on Liev Schreiber delivering an engaging lead performance that should get him a bit more recognition.

If could do it...


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