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Maybe it's thanks to Gravity? Maybe it's thanks to Chis Hadfield's awesome rendition of Space Oddity? Maybe it's that little Mars rover dude? Whatever the cause, something has got people interested in space again.

If Gravity sweeping up cash and awards isn't evidence enough of this, we've also got the first trailer for a new semi-space-based TV series brought you by .

Entitled Extant, it will feature as a female astronaut who attempts to reconnect with her family after a year in outer space. However, her experience leads to events that "ultimately will change the course of human history". Check out the first teaser below:


Currently, from the trailer and short synopsis we've received, it's not clear how much of this mystery thriller will be set in the cold vastness of the universe. Regardless, it certainly looks like something which is eager to develop a sci-fi/spacey tone - I mean, just look at that font and listen to that music!

Extant is a co-production between CBS and Amblin Television. Steven Spielberg, Greg Walker, Mickey Fisher (who penned the screenplay), Brookyln Weaver, Justin Falvet and Darryl Frank will all serve as executive producers, while Halle Berry herself is also credited as a co-executive producer.

Extant will premiere on July 2, 2014 at 9PM ET on CBS.

What do you think? Something to look forward to, or are you all spaced out? Let us know below.


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