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The Harry Potter series is one that we cannot stop raving and ranting about, and we will never ever, to be honest. Any parents should be happy that their are reading , because there are many lessons that they can learn from the series. It's not only about the fantasy world or the saga of magic per se — Harry Potter gives us some real life lessons, especially in terms of self-esteem and confidence. Here are five ways that Harry Potter has inspired kids everyday.

1. Respecting Teachers

How often have we heard of kids being violent and verbally abusive with their teachers at school? In the Harry Potter books, we have seen Professor Lupin fighting Voldemort and even Professor McGonagall going against the teachers's clan whilst preparing Hogwarts for battle. These professors kept the best interests of the kids in mind and protected them. Real life teachers do the same, because that's the magic of being a teacher. By watching these heroic acts, kids can learn how to respect and honor the words of their teachers.

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2. Family Doesn't Necessarily Mean Related By Blood

Just because you aren't blood-related to someone doesn't mean they aren't family. We've witnessed how Harry made the Weasleys his surrogates, and Molly knit cute sweaters for him at Christmas too. The twins teased Harry and the bonding between Harry and Ron was immaculate as ever. Brotherhood can happen without blood ties: Don't you think we need more of these powerful messages?

3. You Don't Have To Have Good Grades To Be Smart

Intelligence through grades and being the best in class isn't always everything — sometimes you have to be street-smart too. While Hermione was always doing her heavy-duty research and trying to understand what was happening, Harry and Ron didn't necessarily do the same. Yet they were ready to get what they wanted and go explore the world.

4. Everyone Has A Voice That Needs To Be Heard

Many parts in Harry Potter address bullying. In this day and age, we hear tons about bullying in school, but the series can teach your child to stand up against it. For example, Luna Lovegood was called a "loony" by everyone else, but she always knew what was going on. She seemed timid, but she was smart. Labelling a timid person as a lunatic or crazy or weirdo is not OK, and that's an important lesson to learn.

5. Pretending To Be Someone You're Not Is Not Cool

Individualism is what Harry Potter taught its audience. Imitating someone else in order to be noticed, on the other hand, isn't cool: Gilderoy Lockhart learned his lesson when he couldn't actually do what he claimed he was capable of. Faking away can bring in momentary happiness, but that delusional lifestyle can mess you up and bring down your reputation.

There's many more lessons to be drawn from the stories of the Harry Potter universe, and thankfully the new movie adaptation of Fantastic Beasts is keeping the magic alive!

What's the best thing you learned from Harry Potter?


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