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House of Cards is not simply a gritty political drama about the US political system, it is also a rich serving of life’s important lessons. Behind the apparent facades of deception, lies, sex, manipulation, power and greed, are deep ideas that will completely change your outlook towards life.

Power Doesn’t Come Easy

The way to the top is fraught with decisions which are incredibly hard to make. It's plain to see that Frank Underwood has his eyes on the White House in and nothing will stop him from achieving his goal. He had to pave his way to the top with a spree of murder, extortion, corruption and so much more but he chose not to give up. In every field of life, success, power and influence come through sheer hard work and more effort than one can imagine. There are difficult decisions, collateral damage and so much more, which one has to get through. There will always be hurdles, obstacles and dangers you could have never anticipated.

Don’t Mistake Kindness For Weakness

This is an important life lesson which must never be forgotten. It is a human tendency to mistake the kindness of a person for his or her weakness. It takes a lot of strength to be kind to someone, especially when the person has not been at the receiving end of much kindness him or herself. Frank learned his lesson the hard way when he tried to eliminate Heather Dunbar, the Democratic presidential candidate by offering her the enticing prospect of taking a vacant seat at the Supreme Court. Frank underestimated the strength of Heather and she saw right through his games. Instead of achieving what he wanted, he ended up with a tougher competition with both of them fighting neck to neck in the elections.

Never Mix Business With Pleasure

Whether it is your workplace or national politics, mixing business with pleasure can spell disaster. This show is a raw demonstration of how it can ruin lives. While Claire’s affair with Adam Galloway made its way into national spotlight, making her life completely miserable, Frank’s friendship with benefits led him on the way to disaster. It also demonstrates how mindless indulgence in pleasure can be the reason behind the worst kind of pain and agony. In this show we see how Peter Russo’s alcohol addiction eventually ended up destroying everything for him. On the way to power, people often lose their head and forget how pleasure can lead to complete downfall and disaster. This show repeatedly reminds one to have a firm head on one’s shoulder and to keep pleasure out of business.

Marriage Does Not Always Mean Love

Contrary to what we all love to believe, marriage is not always all dreamy, love struck people waking next to each other every morning, till death do them part. Love is not the first word that comes to one’s mind when speaking of Frank and Claire’s marriage. Behind the facade of a seemingly happy marriage, lies the politics of control, manipulation and mind games more complicated than a game of chess. The couple uses each other for personal as well as professional gain, without even an iota of guilt.

Loyalty Is More Precious Than Money

Frank Underwood himself says, “Choosing money over power is a mistake almost everyone makes.” He values loyalty over money and when it comes to loyalty the one name that comes to the mind is Doug Stamper, White House Chief of Staff. He always put Frank and his ambition over his own, setting an example of loyalty to the world.

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