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Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson are about to embark on the most dangerous mission of their lives in Sony's upcoming . The film will deal with a group of astronauts who are looking for life forms in outer space. But, as sci-fi movies have taught us numerous times, alien life forms and humans don't mix well, and terror often ensues.

Life recently had its red carpet premiere this past weekend, and Jack Norman from our Super News team was able to catch up with the cast and crew.

But just in case you can't watch that video, let's break down the highlights!

Even More Proof That Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Are

and 's friendship is the stuff of legend, and we've all been having the best of times watching them prove it for the past few months. The premiere gave us one more precious taste of that relationship, as the actors were up to their usual shenanigans the moment they laid eyes on each other.

Daniel Espinosa Talks About His Cast's Performance

Daniel Espinosa [Credit: ScreenSlam]
Daniel Espinosa [Credit: ScreenSlam]

Jack was also able to catch up with the director, . Sci-fi movies can be hard experiences for actors, as they're usually interacting with a green ball that will be later replaced with a character in post-production. That dynamic can be even more daunting for a horror/slasher film set in the final frontier, so Espinosa shared what's most important about an actor's performance:

"I think that many people forget that performance is about imagination. And if you ask an actor to imagine, they will. So what you see when you are looking at the close-up of Jake, or Ryan or Rebecca is you see they're in their nightmares. That's more interesting than anything you can produce."

The trio of main actors in the film are all incredibly talented, and judging from Espinosa's comments - just as it's been shown in the trailers - the group will take us on a chilling and terrifying ride.

Ryan Reynolds Is A Beautiful Man

Credit: Focus Features
Credit: Focus Features

Now, we already knew this, but it's always nice to get multiple confirmations: Ryan Reynolds is a remarkable human being. Right when he stepped into the fray, people started cheering him on.

And just like the fan-pleasing gentleman that he is, he signed posters and greeted his diehard fans. One lucky admirer who got to meet him stated:

"He's legit, he's super nice."

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Those were the highlights of our coverage of the Life premiere! So far, it's looking like a very promising ride. The premise is intriguing, the actors are talented, and the setting fits perfectly for what's being promised.

Check it out when it hits theaters on March 24, 2017.


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