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Be careful what you search for.

That's the tagline for , Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds's new sci-fi movie, and on the evidence of the new trailer and TV spot shown during the Super Bowl LI tonight, all of those very attractive people in orbit are probably wishing they'd never gone to space school and trained in something less terrifying, like dentistry.

Life, which is directed by Daniel Espinosa and also stars Rebecca Ferguson, looks kind of like Prometheus and Alien meet Contact and Arrival, with extra Ryan Reynolds, because of course. All boxes are checked — stylish space station, astronaut behaving like an idiot by touching alien organism, etc. — and it could be that Life is just what we need to tide us over to Ridley Scott's .

Check out the 30-second Super Bowl TV spot below...

...and then check out the new, full-length trailer:

Looks pretty tense, right? Like so many movies set in space, Life has the potential to disappear into a big black hole of absurdity, but the combination of that killer cast, a script from the writers of Deadpool and the serious intensity of the trailer could really bring the fight to Alien: Covenant this year.

The jury's out on that weird octopus-alien, though.

Life hits theaters March 24.

Will you be taking a trip into space with these unrealistically attractive astronauts?

'Life' [Credit: Sony/Skydance]
'Life' [Credit: Sony/Skydance]


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