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While you may know rapper Lil Wayne for producing the hot and heavy beats of 2008's "Lollipop," or perhaps as the vocals behind Suicide Squad track "Sucker For Pain," it's worth bringing to your attention to the fact that he is also very familiar with the melody of America's favorite sitcom.

For an upcoming promotion with the NFL, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (which is his real name, FYI) put his own spin on the Friends theme song and, quite frankly, it is everything and beyond. Dropping lines about Week 2 of the football season, it includes lyrical verses such as:

"You already brought your loyal fans to tears / 'Cause it hasn't been your day, your week, your month / For like 15 years. Please don't go 0-2 / Just 'cause you can't catch a ball."

Without any further introduction, here's Weezy's lip-sync rendition:

Yes, it's bizarre and perhaps one of the weirdest mash-ups ever, but you've got to admit, it makes us think that maybe Lil Wayne wouldn't be so out of place on that bright orange sofa in Central Perk.

Do you love or hate Lil Wayne's NFL tune?


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