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It's hard not to love . The musical theater genius behind 's breakout hit has accomplished more in his 37 years of life than most people do in a lifetime. He's got an Emmy, a Grammy, a handful of Tonys, and now he's nominated for the Oscar for Best Song, thanks to his breathtaking new addition to the Disney playlist, "How Far I'll Go" (). If he wins, Miranda will be the youngest person ever to have an E.G.O.T. (Emmy+Grammy+Oscar+Tony), which means he'll basically have won at life.

If you haven't heard "How Far I'll Go," listen now!

If all those accolades weren't enough reason to love him, Miranda also happens to be a Twitter junkie, who never hesitates to share a gif or 140 eloquent characters with his dedicated following.

Currently, Miranda is living in England while he's shooting the , in which he plays a new character, Jack the Lamplighter. On the day of the Luncheon, he flew to LA in order to celebrate with all the other honorees. The adventure started off with this promising tweet:

While he hasn't yet confirmed the exact details behind those caps, he DID manage to give us a little inside look at just what goes down at the Oscars Luncheon.

There's a pool. With the word "Oscars" floating in the middle of it.

Miranda's mother is from Puerto Rico, and this adorable interaction between her and Viggo Mortensen, who's nominated for Best Actor for Captain Fantastic, is enough to melt your corazón. Not to mention, how cute is it that Miranda brought his mom?!

Next up, Miranda live-tweeted the moment where they took the giant group pic of all the honorees.

Here he is geeking out over meeting Matt Damon and Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman looks equally stoked.

Mrs. Miranda got a precious photo-op with Steven Spielberg.

An hour later, Miranda was back on a plane to the UK.


Did you like Lin-Manuel Miranda's collection of tweets from the Oscars Luncheon?


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