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After 50 years, Disney is bringing back Mary Poppins with Mary Poppins Returns. This time around, will take on the magically charming role as she sets out to breathe new life into the Banks family after a horrible tragedy. To accomplish her task, Poppins will bring some reinforcements in the form of 's Jack.

Jack's a working man taking care of the streets of London alongside the Leeries, his very own band of lamplighters. As a way to tie back to the original film, Jack was mentored by 's Bert, the dancing-prone chimney sweeper we met in the first Mary Poppins.

Van Dyke won't play Bert in the sequel, but that didn't stop Lin-Manuel Miranda from meeting his longtime idol.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Got To Meet Dick Van Dyke, And It Was As Amazing As You'd Expect

Miranda sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he opened up about meeting Van Dyke (who filmed a top secret cameo for ). According to Miranda, Van Dyke's vitality made the experience of meeting him twice as exciting:

“Imagine how cool you think Dick Van Dyke is, and double that — that’s how cool he was. I wish I had as much energy as he has now at 91 than I do at 37. But he was just running laps around us. I’d see the little kids being tired, and there’s Dick Van Dyke running. The greatest acting challenge was just being in it with him during the scene because he’s Dick Van Dyke.”

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Did Lin-Manuel Take Any Advice From Dick Van Dyke?

As Miranda put it to EW, Dick Van Dyke's presence, work ethic and laid-back attitude were all the things he needed to be inspired by his idol, so Miranda didn't feel the need to ask for specific advice:

“He’s already just inspiring by way of who he is. You see him and you see what incredible work ethic he still has and how much fun he still has while he’s doing it. The twinkle in his eye could knock ya out at 50 paces."

However, that doesn't mean the actor didn't fanboy out a little. Miranda spent the majority of their time together asking about another one of Van Dyke's musical classics:

"Honestly, I just spent the whole time grilling him about Bye Bye Birdie.”

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Who could blame him for that? Aside from his deep admiration for Van Dyke, Miranda revealed he tried to stay as far away as possible from Bert's cockney accent. Still, the mentor and mentee will still share some similarities. With Mary Poppins and Jack, Miranda promises the same adorable dynamic the magic nanny shared with Bert:

"The magical is commonplace, at least to a couple of people like Mary and Jack, similar to the way it was to Mary and Bert. It’s almost like, ‘Well, yeah, we’ll just jump into the painting and spend the day in the painting, because why wouldn’t we do that?’ They’ll say, ‘Come on, we have a very busy day,’ and that busy day involves dancing with penguins and flying. That’s the thrill of it."

After hearing his description of meeting Dick Van Dyke, it would be pretty cool see Miranda and him together on screen. That would be quite an homage. Mary Poppins will fly back into theaters on December 25, 2018.

What do you think about Lin Manuel Miranda's meeting with Dick Van Dyke? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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