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Have you heard the good news? Mary Poppins is coming back in an all-new sequel starring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda! The new movie will be set in Depression-era London, and catch up with the Banks children now that they're all grown up and Michael is a father of his own.

Miranda will play a new character, a street lamplighter by the name of Jack. While we don't know much about him yet, we're betting that Miranda is going to be practically perfect in every way. To help celebrate his new role, here are 10 facts about the man that gave us the Broadway smash hit Hamilton.

1. At his wedding, he staged a show-stopping full ensemble rendition of "To Life" from Fiddler On The Roof.

2. He did a freestyle rap performance at the White House while President Obama held up the prompts.

3. He helped convince the US Secretary of Treasury to keep Alexander Hamilton on the ten-dollar bill.

4. Hamilton broke records with the most Tony-nominations in history: 16.

5. Miranda got the inspiration for Hamilton when he read the biography of his life by Robert Chernow while on vacation.

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6. He had a small part in the How I Met Your Mother episode "Bedtime Stories" as the guy who freestyles about the word Canada.

7. Les Miserables was the first play he ever saw on Broadway.

8. And he got to fulfill a lifelong dream of performing it on Broadway when he appeared as "Loud Hailer" for one performance in January.

9. He has a baby son named Sebastian.

10. He wrote the music for , including the Oscar-nominated tune "How Far I'll Go."

'Moana' [Credit: Disney]
'Moana' [Credit: Disney]


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