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Will Wharton

I will say this for former child-star turned public-menace : She isn't lazy. This year will see Lohan force her way back into our theaters kicking and screaming what with the arrival of Scary Movie 5 and now this equally appetizing new movie, charmingly titled InAPPropriate Comedy. It looks like another intriguing comedy parody movie punctuated by moments of slapstick humor and inappropriate Adrian Brody-ness.

The upshot of which is the sight of the still heavy-chested Lohan dressed as Marilyn Monroe. I'm not sure if Lindsay thinks her trainwreck of a life is comparable to that of Miss Monroe's, but we can all agree that both fables will end the same way: a presidential affair. Let's hope Mr. Obama has the stones to handle this:

And if that piqued your interest, why not try the full length trailer for InAPPropriate Comedy. It's as good as it sounds:

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