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Lindsay Lohan has proven, once more, that she doesn't give a damn about her reputation by getting in on some barely legal A-list antics.

The 27 year old actress was seen cosying up to and the late 's 18 year old son at New York's Finale club recently. Her chosen prey might not have been old enough to get a drink but, that didn't put Lindsay off and an anonymous source has stated that;

Lindsay was seen leading him into the women’s bathroom, hand-in-hand

The baby faced Michael Neeson

Escándalo! As a devoted Lindsay disciple I am pretty sure she wasn't helping the poor lamb with a nose bleed in there and, if that wasn't enough, the plot deepens to further murky depths.

Lindsey and former boy-toy Liam Deen

The same slippery unidentified fly on the wall also revealed that was spotted with former flame, 19 year old model Liam Deen that very same night. I can only squeeze my eyes shut and imagine the bizarre goings on that night, but I'm pretty sure it was a party I would have given my last ten dollars to crash. Never change Lindsay!

Source: The Daily Mail

Images: The Daily Mail via and Antena3


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