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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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So you've graduated from high school, had your first soul destroying job, experimented with the logistical hell of dating several people at once and learned that no matter how old you get, the purpose of your life will remain an eternal mystery. But, you've not once given up on the dream that one day, "fetch" is finally going to happen.

Lindsay Lohan knows exactly how you feel. Having made a few dubious life choices since becoming a Mean Girl's alumni in 2004, flirting with drugs, rehab and the law for the past decade, it emerges that through it all, Li-Lo has never wavered in her support for Glen Coco and the hope that Mean Girl's would eventually get the sequel it so Kalteen-richly deserves.

Li-Lo and Rachel McAdam's Still Celebrate Every October 3rd

One of the movie's most iconic catchphrases originates from one of the first conversations Cady (Lohan) has with her super-crush Aaron (Jonathan Bennett). Leaning over his shoulder in class to ask her what day it is, she replies rapturously with, "it's October 3rd."

Consequently this date has become somewhat of a national Mean Girls day and so on this date two weeks ago, Lindsay shared a text conversation she had with Rachel where they reminded each other of the importance of this momentous day and proved to the world that Mean Girls still has a place in both of their little plastic hearts.

LiLo and Rachel Ask For A 'Mean Girls' Sequel

If we ignore the ABC TV travesty that was Mean Girls 2 (2011) which featured non of the original crew or cast, the undeniable cult success of the original 2004 film deserves a proper follow up. Taking to Instagram to share her feelings with the world, Lindsay posted a photo of herself with Mean Girls co-stars Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert saying:

Rachel McAdams who played Regina George, the deliciously bitchy queen of 'The Plastics,' responded by reposting Lindsay's post showing that she too, is keen for Mean Girls to get the sequel treatment.

'Mean Girls.....The Musical?'

While we wait to hear whether Lindsay and Rachel's Instagram posts have any effect on those lucratively juicy film studios, we can confirm that comedian Tina Fey, who wrote and stared in the original movie, is currently adapting the film for Broadway. In a conversation with What Happens Live Fey said of the musical Mean Girls extravaganza:

While it may not be the sequel Lindsay and Rachel had in mind, we're still overjoyed that Tina is keeping the Mean Girls Universe alive and as we all know, few things are better than good old fashioned sing along which takes place in a high school.


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