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In an unprecedented random event, Lindsay Lohan and Rupert Grint's worlds have collided in a flame-haired supernova to create a show that will hopefully kickstart both of the former child stars' somewhat stagnant careers.

The decidedly odd duo will appear together in Season 2 of Sky TV's along with British comedy legend Nick Frost (you know, the fat one from Shaun of the Dead) in the brand new show directed by Emmy award winning David Cross.

How can a show be brand new when there are already two seasons, I hear you cry? Well, Season 1 has finished filming, but it has not been released into the wild just yet meaning that we don't know an enormous amount about it, except what the titular "sick note" entails.

The general premise is as follows: Daniel Glass () is a compulsive liar who hates his job under his tyrannical boss, Ian Glennis (Nick Frost) and, to really put the cherry on the cake, he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. After informing all of his friends and colleagues, and discovering that dying Daniel Glass is treated much better than regular old living Daniel Glass, the character finds out his cancer has been misdiagnosed. After chatting with his doctor, Glass decides not to tell his colleagues he is, in fact, totally healthy in a lie that predictably spins out of control.

Although 's role has not yet been officially confirmed, it is rumored the American star will play Nick Frost's daughter, so let's hope that the British accent Lilo has been sporadically faking for years is still on point!

While Lilo's part is still unclear, one thing's for sure: a return to comedy is a smart move for the tempestuous actor. Lohan's attempts to weep and wail her way back into Hollywood with dramatic flicks have read as melodramatic at best, but revisiting her lightening sharp Mean Girls timing has genius potential.

Lindsay's presence as a cult figure has potential to elevate the laughs to a whole new level if used cleverly, so here's hoping this show soars like a quidditch ball as opposed to falling into the gutter like Lilo circa 2007.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan can make her comeback with comedy?

[Credit: Paramount Pictures]
[Credit: Paramount Pictures]


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