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So far, Lindsay Lohan's most memorable foray into the wonderful world of TV has involved the turbulent star going apoplectic with rage over a bunch of keys, but fear not, because soon Lilo could have the chance to redeem herself by portraying a Russian princess.

According to an anonymous source at Cannes, was chatting to fellow guests at a luxury villa party about how she is writing — and potentially starring in — a Netflix show about Russian oligarchs.

" She was saying she’s writing it with a partner for Netflix. And that they’re writing it every day while she’s in town. She described it as being about ‘Russian oligarchs’ — three princesses, and covering different ages."

It's crystal clear from Lilo's relentless quest to be cast as Ariel in The Little Mermaid (because, red hair, duh!) that she is really keen to become a princess, so it probably shouldn't come as a shock that Lohan would also like to star in the show. The source explained to Page Six that:

"She plans to act and co-direct or direct, but said she hasn’t decided yet.”

While this rumor brings up many questions (who is the poor soul who's doing all the work as Lindsay's co-writer? Is Netflix okay?), the most pressing one is obviously, "which Russian princess best embodies the spirit of Lohan?"

So, without further ado, here are a few members of Russian royalty who could be potentially spinning in their graves if this TV show becomes a reality.

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna

Time Period: June 18, 1901 to July 17, 1918

Anastasia (also known as "Nastya") was only 17 when she was executed by firing squad after the Bolshevik revolution, which makes her a bit of a stretch for Lilo, but rumors that Anastasia survived the firing squad were rife for decades after her death, so maybe they could play with this idea.

Known for her rebellious personality, Nastya could be perfect territory for Lindsay. A court physician once described her as:

“witty, vivacious, hopelessly stubborn, delightfully impertinent, and in general a perfect enfant terrible."

Grand Duchess Olga Feodorovna Of Russia

Time Period: 20 September 1839 to 12 April 1891

Grand Duchess Olga Fyodorovna was well known for her strong personality and sharp tongue, which consequently damaged her public popularity. Sound familiar?

Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna Of Russia

Anastasia pictured with her three children, far right [Credit: Wikicommons]
Anastasia pictured with her three children, far right [Credit: Wikicommons]

Time Period: 28 July, 1860 to 11 March, 1922

Anastasia was an unconventional woman known for her iron will and fierce independent streak. Best known for having child with her personal secretary after she was widowed at the age of 36, Anastasia also titivated the gossip pages by being a larger than life presence on the Parisian party scene.

Do you think Lindsay has what it takes to embody a Russian royal?

(Source: Page Six)


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