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is just doing her own thing. That includes pleading no contest to giving false information to a police officer after slamming her Porsche into the back of a truck on the PCH last year. Chances are you told Lindsay to "sashay away" years ago. However, the judge said, "Shante, you stay," provided she enters a 90-day lockdown rehab facility.

The point of all of this is that everyone's favorite hot mess decided to work it in front of the cops who booked her in Santa Monica. Her mugshots are as iconic as her films at this point. As such, I've decided to rank her them based on her bygone film career from newest to oldest. Clearly, I'm an upset fan.

#6, March 2013 -- Mean Girls

A different angle:

Her latest mugshot brings Mean Girls realness. It's her best one, just like Mean Girls was her best movie. Unfortunately, she's as professional as a plastic at this point.

#5, October 2011 -- I Know Who Killed Me

This mugshot is as distasteful as her 2007 movie. It upsets us as fans. She has become Dakota Moss.

#4, September 2010 -- Freaky Friday

It was determined that Lindsay had cocaine in her system after apparently having a night as crazy as the time she switched bodies with .

#3, July 2010 -- Just My Luck

Violating your probation by failing to go to counseling and submitting to drug tests means replacing your good fortune with this.

#2, November 2007 -- Herbie Fully Loaded

Driving under the influence and misdemeanor cocaine use is as crazy as thinking your car is actually talking to you.

#1, July 2007 -- Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

This is the time we should've realized that girl was more than just a one time teenage drama queen. And that had more of a head on her shoulders than people gave her credit for.

And now, it's time to remember the days when she was happy and healthy:


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