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Having your social media accounts "hacked" is something we all fear, but what if the person responsible was a celebrity? Lindsay Lohan is once again attempting to revive her career with a brand new reality TV series called The Anti-Social Network, which involves "hijacking" random people's phones and social media accounts for 24 hours— unbeknownst to the victim:

"I've decided to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth. I am really good."

Confused? Take a look at the promo video:

"I Am Social Media"

Despite deleting the vast majority of her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts, believes social media plays an important role in her life, stating, "I love social media. I mean, I am social media."

Being the human embodiment of social media, it makes sense that she'd be the mastermind behind what is essentially a test of how much she can humiliate someone by assuming their online identity for 24 hours; in other words, a mash-up of Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd and 2016 film Nerve.

Originally called Nerd, The Anti-Social Network involves people handing over their social media accounts and being dared to complete three challenges of things that — according to Hello Giggles — people think they might be good at, but actually aren't.

[Credit: Lindsay Lohan Twitter]
[Credit: Lindsay Lohan Twitter]

As well as undermining these strangers' self-confidence, the challenges themselves are pretty intense — for example, posing naked in front of both a life drawing class and the show's camera crew, and making out with your boss in the office. Suffice to say, these "fun" challenges may just have the potential to every-so-slightly ruin the contestant's life.

Speaking of ruining people's lives, Lohan extended an invitation to appear on the reality TV show to fellow phone hacker Piers Morgan. However, The Anti-Social Network is yet to be picked up by any actual networks, so it's not clear if Morgan will get the chance to get a taste of his own medicine.

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Lindsay's Ulterior Motive

As diabolical as The Anti-Social Network's concept seems, there's a philanthropic message behind it all. Contestants will be able to make money from each of the three challenges they undertake, with the proceeds going to charity.

Lohan has immersed herself in social causes lately, advocating for refugees. The Anti-Social Network gives her a platform to promote the issues she's passionate about, and it's likely the money raised from the show could go towards her favorite charities.

The Career Change She's Been Waiting For?

[Credit: Lindsay Lohan Twitter]
[Credit: Lindsay Lohan Twitter]

The Anti-Social Network is considerably different to Lohan's previous projects, but could this be the career change she's been waiting for? Her recent acting roles haven't exactly dazzled critics or even her own bank balance. A New York Post article revealed that she was paid only $100 a day whilst filming The Canyons, a film that has a rating of 23% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Will The Anti-Social Network prove to be more prosperous? More importantly, will it even get picked up at all?

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(Source: Hello Giggles, New York Times)


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