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may only be days removed from her 90-day court ordered lockdown rehab stint, but she's already lining up multiple projects, including an 8-episode documentary on 's OWN network. Before that happens, however, she's guest hosting Chelsea Lately on E! where she's setting the blogs on fire for poking fun of celebrities like and One Direction singer Harry Styles.

In light of Stewart's recent paparazzi snafu where she told a photog, "You don't deserve to breathe the same air as I do," Lohan quipped that she was finally happy that the 23-year-old Twilight star was showing some emotion. She may be saying what everyone else is thinking, but you know Lohan just gained a lot of enemies that'll come after her faster than a pack of the Volturi.

She quickly followed up her joke by saying that she really loves Stewart, but then found it necessary to point out that Stewart should hate the paparazzi because they caught her kissing a married man (director ) in a Mini Cooper... Man.

Are you guys going to catch Lohan's stint on Chelsea Lately tonight? Do you think that she has more of a future in hosting than acting? Let me know what you think of her comments below.

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