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Tino Jochimsen

One kind of wonders if is so hellbent on destroying her career through drug and alcohol abuse, how come her body doesn’t follow suit?

For, although the actress' face does look a little bloated here and there, 'La Lohan' still looks in surprisingly good shape. Real person shape, that is. We’re obviously not talking Hollywood six-pack shape here.

One kind of wonders, if perhaps the enfant terrible is some sort of female Keith Richards, a human-reptile cross-breed, that can wage a full-blown war on her own body and still come out dangling the carrot to an adoring fan base on the other side.

Now, in Keith Richards' case, this carrot was his supreme guitarmanship. In Lohan’s case… well, you take a look at the photos and tell me!

One wonders...

Update: Well, it turns out that these photos were shot about one year ago.


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