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It's been less than a week and the world is still mourning the loss of the tragic death of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington last Thursday. Fans and stars alike have sent out their sympathies to the band and to the family of the late singer. A day after Linkin Park set up a suicide-prevention web page, the band released their first statement on his death:

The Grammy-nominated singer had spoken openly about his battle with depression throughout his career, and even incorporated his fight within his music. As mentioned in the statement, Chester Bennington helped so many people not only with his lyrics, but also with his kindness. Throughout the years, Linkin Park did so much for non-profit organizations to make this world a better place.

Link Park And Their Charity Work

will be remembered as someone who changed the world of music. But we should also remember him for putting his heart and soul into every charity and the lives he helped change through that.

Just recently, as part of their new album for One More Light, Linkin Park teamed up with the non-profit We Share Solar. The purpose of the charity is to help rural communities in Africa, Haiti and Jordan to establish electricity. In an interview with Digital Music News, Producer Kevin Rudolf discussed how the charity coincides with the theme of the album:

The song 'One More Light' is to let people know we care. It says I'm thinking about you. The band is really aware we have an amazing unique connection with people all around the world, from all walks of life. When any of them are falling down we will pick them up.

After the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster in 2004, founded the Music For Relief charity, which has raised over $9 million for survivors of various natural disasters. Bennington told The Pulse Of Radio, via Blabbermouth, why this charity was so important to him:

"Natural disasters affect people of all races, of all nationalities, of all social standings — you know, an earthquake doesn't really care who you are or what your do or where you're from. It's gonna destroy what lays in its path, and we're here to provide as much relief as possible to the affected people of natural disasters."

Bennington loved his family and his music, but he equally loved the rest of the world as if it were part of his family. We shall continue to honor and support his beliefs by listening to his music with open hearts and participating in his causes.

If you know anyone, or is suffering from depression, have them check out the suicide prevention page dedicated to Chester Bennington and set up by Linkin Park for support or resources.

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