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Tino Jochimsen

Despite a so-so domestic intake (mere $20 million) ’s Formula One drama Rush seems to have inspired Hollywood to give the old racing movie genre another go.

Recently we heard that would reunite with Oblivion- director for another period Formula One pic, Go Like Hell.

What gives with all the Formula One you might ask? Why travel so far when the sweet smell of gasoline can be had right here, at the next NASCAR race?

Worry no more, Lionsgate is hearing ye.

According to Deadline, the studio brought Spitfire, a pitch by screenwriter (McFarland, USA).

Set in the 1950s, the racing flick will tell the story of Louise Smith, a hot-headed female driver who changed the face of the American stock car racing scene forever.

Could Spitfire be the A League of Their Own for the racing genre? Time will tell!

Until then you might want to check out Rush, a great movie, Formula One or not.


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