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I bet even Robert Pattinson is now confused about whose famous offspring he's supposed to be dating. At the moment, the most persistent rumors seem to place Rob with Sean Penn's daughter, Dylan Penn, however we mustn't forget he was also associated with Elvis Presley's granddaughter, Riley Keough.

We already kind of knew nothing was really happening between Riley and Rob, but if you wanted a bit more confirmation then here's Riley's mother, Lisa Marie Presley to sort everything out. During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night, she explained:

I will say who she's not with... and that is a complete lie, and the silliest thing I've ever heard, is that she was with Robert Pattinson, because she and Kristen Stewart are like best friends. So that was the craziest rumor that I will put to bed... That was not true.

There you have it. Just in case you still cared, Robert Pattinson is most likely not with Riley Keough. I for one am inclined to believe Mrs Presley. I mean, would you argue with that scowling face?

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