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Lisa Spoonauer, the actor best known for portraying Caitlin Bree in Kevin Smith's directorial debut Clerks, has died. She was 44 years old.

Spoonauer made her acting debut after she was hand-picked from her community college acting class by himself as he searched for the perfect Bree after failing to find the right actor during his initial casting call.

Lisa reprised her role as Caitlyn as a voice actor in the animated series (2001) and only appeared in one other film (Bartender by Gabe Torres) before choosing to end her acting career.

According to her obituary, Spoonauer went on to become a restaurant manager and events planner. Her cause of death is currently unknown.

Although she only appeared in one movie alongside them, Lisa clearly made a huge impact on her fellow Clerks cast-mates and the loving tributes below are testament to that.

Kevin Smith - "Lisa quickly became one of the most important people I'd ever meet."

Marilyn Ghigliotti - "You will be forever in our hearts Lisa."

Brian O'Halloran - "She always had a wicked sense of humor and smile."

Spoonauer is survived by her husband, Tom Caron, her daughter, Mia Spoonauer, and her stepson, Tyler Caron.

What was your favorite moment of Lisa's iconic turn as Caitlyn Bree in Clerks?


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