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Eszter Simor

We are getting extremely close to the date when 's Thor: The Dark World finally hits theatres November 8 and apparently the new adventure of this superhero is the best film that Marvel Studios have produced to date. That is really something to wait for!

But while you are trying to soothe your racing heart in the huge anticipation for your favorite Demigod (), you can listen to these tracks by composer . Your ears can experience the original score for the newest sequel, while your mind eagerly tries to figure out the story behind songs like "The trial of Loki" or "Battle of Vanaheim" that sound exciting even as titles.

As far as the story goes, it takes place in the aftermath of The Avengers, but now the God of Thunder not only needs to restore order on Earth, but across the whole cosmos. He has to save all the Nine Realms from an ancient race, an enemy that is older than the universe itself and that even Odin and Agard cannot withstand.














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