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It's no new phenomenon: A relationship has run its course, but you just don't want to let go. Can't we just start again, from the beginning?

Not long after news broke of a possible How I Met Your Mother spinoff How I Met Your Father - THR is reporting that CBS have indeed decided to move forward with a pilot for the project called How I Met Your Dad (you see what they did there!?).

Apparently, the new series will be written by Up All Night creator and executive produced by How I Met Your Mother creators and . While we know that How I Met Your Dad will follow an new group of friends hanging out at MacLaren's Pub and be in the vein of the original, albeit this time from a female point of view, we still don't know the reason for the name tweak from Father to Dad, or if the new gang will be introduced in the How I Met Your Mother universe.

What are your thoughts on this spinoff? Are you any more on board with the idea of a How I Met Your Mother spinoff now that CBS has officially ordered a pilot of How I Met Your Dad? Sound off in the comment section below!



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