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has never been a series too shy to enter the world of the unthinkable. From their surprise inclusion of Princesses Anna and Elsa of Frozen fame to their devious twist on Peter Pan, it's never been out of the realm of possibility for the show to surprise fans with every little wish their nostalgia-loving hearts ever desired. And now they're set to ignite those flames once again by bringing two worlds of classic lore together to battle the malicious forces of darkness.

It was recently revealed that Joanna Garcia-Swisher will return to the fairy-tale drama this spring to reprise her role as everyone's favorite little mermaid, Ariel. The character hasn't been seen since Season 4 when she came to the rescue of Captain Hook and reunited Ursula with her father, Poseidon.

Swisher first appeared on the ABC series during season 3 to rescue Snow White
Swisher first appeared on the ABC series during season 3 to rescue Snow White

At this time, Ariel is only confirmed to return for at least one episode. According to showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis, Ariel will return to the show in order to come to the aid of some of the show's main stars. When asked by EW, the creators only shared a small but tantalizing tidbit of what's to come.

“Ariel returns and meets Princess Jasmine as they join Hook on an adventure as he and Emma face a daunting challenge that requires a big time princess team-up."

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When last we saw our intrepid heroes, things were not exactly going well for everyone. Emma and Regina are still stuck in a parallel universe created by the Evil Queen's wish; Robin Hood has returned from beyond the grave in said parallel universe; Belle and Rumple have been forced to set aside their transgressions toward one another to save their son from Rumple's mother, the Dark Fairy; and all the while, everyone is still working tirelessly on finding a way to avoid Emma's prophesied death from taking place. Man, that's a lot to take in. And did I mention Snow White and David are still sharing that sleeping curse? Yeah, that's still happening, too.

With all that's going on, I'd say Ariel's help will be greatly needed and accepted when the ABC series returns from its midseason hiatus to TV screens later this year. I know I'm excited to see again, how about you?

'Once Upon A Time' returns Sunday, March 5 on ABC. Will you be tuning in to see Ariel's magical comeback?

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