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Husband and wife team, and (Ruby Sparks) are rumoured to be in talks to direct The Good Luck Of Right Now, based on a novel by Matthew Quick.

You may have heard Matthew Quick’s name before - he is the writer of the novel Silver Linings Playbook. The book was adapted into a movie last year, which did pretty well in terms of awards and nominations, especially for Jessica Lawrence who won an academy award for best actress.

The adaptation will tell the story of Bartholomew Niel, who lives a quiet and solitary life with his mother. However, following the death of his mother, a grieving Bartholomew joins a struggling priest, a ‘girlbrarian’, her foul-mouthed brother "and the spirit of Richard Gere" in a journey across Canada to find his long-lost biological father.

Sounds like a right odd bunch.

In my opinion, The Good Luck of Right Now sounds not too distant from Little Miss Sunshine. Which is not a bad thing - perhaps the long-road-trip-to-self-discovery might just be Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton’s trademarks.

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