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Even though I was highly disappointed with the unnecessary Dumb and Dumber prequel, I can't help but be excited for and 's coming back to tell the (mis)adventures of Lloyd and Harry in Dumb and Dumber To. According to Joblo, said he was going to party all night after the Emmys and then fly to Atlanta to film the sequel.

"There are some things that's we're going to do in Dumb and Dumber To that make the toilet scene [in the original] seem lame," he said. "Pales in comparison and I can't divulge what, but just that they've topped it. They best thing about it? I get to work with a comedic genius."

We're finally one step closer to seeing how Dumb and Dumber To will actually do that, as just tweeted out a picture of the stupid duo in costume. Take a look:

Two other pictures also made their way online (via Coming Soon):

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