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How long have we been watching the same old format for paranormal shows? Five, 10, 15 years? Most of the paranormal shows you see today are all about capturing spirits like they are wild dogs. Local Hauntings is a new paranormal series (coming soon) that will give our audience a voice. Yes, we want to hear from you and even let you review the footage from the current episode, and reward you for watching us.


Two different professional paranormal teams will face off head to head in search of the best evidence of ghosts with help from some of the big names in the paranormal community. Each season the audience will vote on the top 10 locations for our teams to investigate. They will also score on how well the location was. At the end of the season America will decided which one stays and which one gets replaced for the following season.

It takes a lot of people to truly make something great.
It takes a lot of people to truly make something great.

How It Started

My name is Anthony Daniel and I am the creator of this TV series "Local Hauntings." Sure, you might think this article is biased now (since I created Local Hauntings), but before you judge, let me give you a quick history lesson about how this TV series became a reality. First off, I enjoy the unknown and all things "strange." One day I was watching a popular paranormal show and said to myself, "If only they could hear me right now, because I feel like they either missed something or that they should try doing something else instead."

In 2014 I came up with a concept of making a paranormal show that listened to its audience like the hit TV series The Voice, America's Got Talent, and so on. At first the name of this series was "Top 10 Haunted Places" until we came up with "Local Hauntings" and it just stuck. Yes, I believe the names of projects really do matter.

It looks scary, but just keep going.
It looks scary, but just keep going.

The hardest part about being only 22 years old in 2014 was quitting school and following my dreams, which was telling stories. I was blessed to have my first film come out in March of 2014, which wasn't really anything to be proud of. I wanted to do better. I learned from my mistakes at the time, but in my mind I saw something different. I only had $1,000 to make a film because that is all I raised from Kickstarter. I also was young and didn't know how to make a film, but I still followed what everyone said was impossible and overcame my doubts. Life is about learning from your past mistakes while trying to enjoy the little things in life.

When December came along that's when Local Hauntings popped into my head, so I wrote the first draft concepts, and over the next two years reshaped it and reshaped it again until I came up with a great foundation for a TV series. You have to put together a great team in order for things to work out, but you have to make sure that everyone on the team works together in order to truly make it work.

We want to know why they got into the Paranormal.
We want to know why they got into the Paranormal.

We live in a world where technology is advancing at a very fast rate, so why not change how we watch TV? I did a lot of research and I already thought the paranormal field was interesting, so I became determined to create the next greatest paranormal series. I started to notice that a lot of people enjoyed watching the live Halloween specials. I did some more research and found out that a lot of paranormal shows are similar in that they stick with the same format. We're here to break that format.

With the advancements in technology and their ability to make everything more interactive, we could give our audience the real experience of being with us while we investigate without ever leaving their own living room. You get to play a big part in how the show works and that is why we would like to have your support in collecting more paranormal data for the community as a whole.

Overall Goal For The Show

The overall goal of the show is to collect data of the unknown in hopes of finding answers. I want everyone to know that we promise to respect spirits. Professional teams have been cast for Season 1. We all know that new things get discovered every day all around the world, so why should we have only a few minds doing this when we can connect to all of you through TV and work together in hopes of finding answers together?

After studying for two years and investing myself, I came across the opportunity to bring Local Hauntings to life. At the age of 24 (already having worked on this project for two years), I was able to make the pilot, but at a cost — all of my money went into making the pilot. Sure, I had some funds from my first and second films, but I was taking the risk head on. If this didn't work out all I'd have is a pilot and a crushed dream.

I took the chance because what is life if you are not living? It's easy to blend in, so why not be you? My friends over at Clockwork 9 Studios found my concept interesting and so I brought them on board for the pilot. You need to find a group of people who all have the same goals in mind, because that is where you'll find magic. Filmmaking can be hard at times, but when did we ever enjoy the easy roads?

Your plans will remain plans unless you put fear aside and reach for your dreams.
Your plans will remain plans unless you put fear aside and reach for your dreams.

Super Interactive

This is going to be the first-ever interactive paranormal show that wants to hear from its audience. We want to change the format of how paranormal shows are made, which is why we need your support. Local Hauntings will have a live, post-episode talk show and we already have Devin Marble from Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files interested in becoming the host.

This is something I would like for us to create together. On the talk show we will give results of how voting is going and go over what was on the current episode along with having special guest speak their minds on the show. We feel that this is the show that you all want and we can't thank you, the audience, enough — this show was truly made for you.

If you are going to try something go all the way. You might be thinking, "Well, Anthony, you went to school for filmmaking" NO. I did all of this because I had a dream and I followed it and never looked back. The only thing that was left behind was doubt. You just have to follow your heart and stay positive no matter what happens.

"This is an ingenious idea and certainly has mass appeal. I like how it continually features new teams to get their names out there." — Grant Wilson

The Scare Score is based off of three categories at every location. The scoring class will all depend on history of the location, interviews with key witnesses, and how active the location was during our investigations. Each team has two days of investigating. They never see each other or the evidence they collect until we compare it at the end of the episode.

The two teams that we have cast for Season 1 are Tri-C Ghost Hunters and Greater Western New York Paranormal Society. They both bring their own different styles that we know you will enjoy in Season 1. Tri-C Ghost Hunters is playing for Operation Comfort Warriors and GWNYPS is playing for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

We are searching for paranormal teams for the following seasons to face whoever is the winner of the current season. We want to create exposure for the locations that are lost in time, and Local Hauntings will do that and so much more.

Don't Forget To Vote!

Lastly, do not forget to visit the Local Hauntings website and submit your vote today — we need to hear you. Let us know where you would like us to visit. If it's in your hometown you can request tickets on our site to watch us film. Also be sure to connect with us on social media. We are making history by creating the next generation of reality TV. The only question I have for you is: Will you connect?

Welcome to Local Hauntings!
Welcome to Local Hauntings!

What do you think of the inspiration behind Local Hauntings?


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