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's career has kicked into high gear since he portrayed mumbling Batman villain Bane. Amongst the six (!) projects he lined up until 2015 a rather peculiar one can be found: the low budget real-time thriller Locke.

The movie depicts the most crucial 90 minutes of a man's life as a phone call forces him to put everything on the line to save his life and his family.

Locke will apparently be quite the formal experiment. The thriller is shot in real time (depicting 90 minutes of the protagonist's life in 90 minutes) with no cuts to interrupt the action.

There have been similar attempts, the most famous one perhaps being Alfred Hitchock's Rope, but Locke seems to contain a good bit of mildly fast & furious car action which should make the whole enterprise difficult to pull off.

Below you can have a first look at how this might look:

Director also released (via Indiewire's The Playlist) the following statement:

It was a joy and challenge to make Locke in an entirely different way. Shot in real time, Locke breaks new ground in movie making with Hardy holding the screen alone while the camera never blinks. The night time highway is part back drop, part art installation, as a stellar cast play the people Ivan loves and hates and who witness his extraordinary journey to despair and ultimately to redemption. A man’s life transformed in a half a tank of gas. I believe the journey of Ivan Locke is deeply moving and utterly compulsive.

Locke will premiere out of competition at the Venice Fiilm Festival.


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