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Holy shit, Wolverine. Have you no chill?

Logan may have scored rave critical reviews, but who really imagined that the lab-created, Adamantium-clawed mutant's third and final solo movie would use those claws to slice apart countless records at the box office and leave the competition in shreds?

The fact that is rated R doesn't seem to have harmed its prospects. If anything, casual audiences who've overdosed on the MCU, where the most explicit phrase ever uttered was Loki's infamous "mewling quim", probably consider the sheer grit and intense violence of Logan — it could be the most violent superhero movie ever made — a refreshing change of pace.

In the US, Logan made $87.5m across the three-day weekend. That's the fourth-biggest R-rated opening weekend ever, behind American Sniper, Deadpool and The Matrix: Reloaded. Internationally, James Mangold's movie made another $152.5m, close to the opening of X-Men: Days Of Future Past ($172m). Globally, the total in the bank is a brilliant $240m.

More Logan:

For comparison, Doctor Strange was at $173m after one weekend, so Fox will feel vindicated for taking the R-rated route with this superb final Wolverine adventure.

At second place in the US this week, Jordan Peele's brilliant and politically-timely horror flick made another $26m to bring its total bank to $76m. This time next week it should be at the century mark, which is especially impressive considering it cost just $4.5m to make.

Between Get Out and Blumhouse's other huge winter hit, M. Night Shyamalan's Split (now on $106m in the US and $240m globally), it's a good time to be a horror fan, and an even better time to be a horror fan working for Blumhouse and getting coin.

made $2.5m the weekend after its insane, social media-breaking Best Picture win at the Oscars, for a global total of around $33m to date. There's still time to go see this brilliant and socially important piece of cinema, which is also available to buy on Blu-ray already if that's how you roll.

may have lost out on Best Picture, but don't spend too much sympathy on it — it's still making all the money, with $3m this weekend and a global total of $396m, while the feel-good NASA drama Hidden Figures just hit $195m globally.

Other movies which continue to grind away this week include John Wick Chapter 2 (now at $145m), LEGO Batman ($257m), Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ($267m), Fifty Shades Darker ($356m), Moana ($587m) and the musical Sing ($565m).

Looking ahead to mid-March, this weekend sees the opening of Kong: Skull Island, which should make around $40-45m but will probably get stuck in second place behind Logan. On March 17, Disney unleashes Beauty & The Beast — expect that tornado to whip up anywhere from $110-140m in its first weekend.

Which movie will be taking your money this coming weekend — Logan, Get Out or Kong: Skull Island?

(Sources: Deadline Domestic and International)


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