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If you remember back to the days before limped onto our screens for his last time as , you may recall the rather gorgeous marketing for the film. With brooding close-ups and far-off black and white shots, some fans were ecstatic at the possibility that would hark back to days gone by and be showcased entirely in black and white. Alas, what we got was the cinematic release, which was definitely doused with a large helping of blood.

For old-timers and nostalgia fiends alike, rejoice, it looks like really is giving us the black and white cut of Logan we always hoped for. There were already rumors that the director was working on a black and white version of the spaghetti western, and now our prayers have been answered.

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'Logan' [20th Century Fox]
'Logan' [20th Century Fox]

Apparently, the home release of Logan will include a "noir" version of the 137-minute runtime. So for those afraid of the color red, you can now watch James Howlett hack through Reavers without reaching for the vom bucket. While is yet to make the announcement, a listing on Google Play confirms that Logan will include "theatrical" and "noir" version" when released.

Before Logan had even reached cinemas, one uber-fan took to Twitter to ask Mangold if there would be a black and white version. The director simply replied "Workin' on it," but all has been quiet since.

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Given that so much of Jackman's swansong was promoted in black and white, it makes sense that the noir version is kicking around out there somewhere. While it may seem to hark back to a bygone era, or Angels with Dirty Faces from Home Alone, black and white movies are definitely getting a resurgence. Just look at Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, whose first outing included a whole 3.5 minute fight scene glossed in glorious greys and blood-soaked blacks. Elsewhere, George Miller released a "black and chrome" edition of Mad Max: Fury Road, which dispensed with the burnt oranges of the desert in favor of old-fashioned nostalgia.

Who knows, maybe noir Logan can even improve on the film's already massive 92 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. Raking in a stellar $606 million, it's not like Logan needs to milk any more money out of its box office plunderings; however, a noir version is surely one way to shift sales for home release. There is still no official release date, but if we really are getting a black and white Logan, expect a limited run of olde-worlde Wolverine to find its way into cinemas too.

Check out Logan's trailer to remind you what you are missing, and don't forget our poll below!


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