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Now, while many expected 's to do well at the box office this past weekend, few anticipated quite so dominant a performance. With an $88 million domestic haul on its first weekend, and a current worldwide total of $263 million, the moderately budgeted film is already well on its way to being a bonafide financial success story.

What's more, it seems that 's final appearance in the role that made him a superstar has also managed to carry the franchise as a whole past a significant milestone. Specifically:

'Logan' Just Took The Wolverine Franchise Past $1 Billion At The Box Office

'Logan' [Credit: Fox]
'Logan' [Credit: Fox]

Yup, that's right. Logan's current haul of $263 million, when added to the $373 and $414 million totals of the previous entries in the franchise (2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 2013's The Wolverine), takes the overall box office total to a whopping great $1.05 billion. Which, while still less money than the average Avengers movie, remains a significant landmark for a movie series that had, before the arrival of Logan, been something of a critical joke.

Now, though, the franchise looks more likely to be remembered for making Fox a distinctly significant amount of money, especially if Logan's excellent reviews carry it to a strong second weekend at the box office. Which, with the film's Monday and Tuesday takings looking strong (at $7.2 and $8.6 million respectively), and the soon-to-be-released Kong: Skull Island set to be something of a wild card, might just be a little more plausible an outcome than previously thought.

What do you think, though? Do you think Logan can keep the top spot at the box office this coming weekend? Let us know below!

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